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Start Saving Today

Why choose to pay the state tax if the law does not require it? Section 3309 of the Federal Unemployment Tax Act provides an important savings opportunity to qualified employers. UC Assure helps you navigate risks and take advantage of this benefit.

The mission of the organizations we serve vary – but they all provide for their local communities, in every state, all across the country. There are thousands of member organizations nationwide that have benefited from UC Assure’s turnkey products and personal service.

Agents & Brokers

UC Assure

Customers Include

501(c)(3) Organizations

  • Social service organizations
  • Charitable foundations
  • Religious charities
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Credit Counseling

Public Employers

  • Public school districts
  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • Libraries

Tribal Governments & Businesses

  • Gaming authorities
  • Other tribal business enterprises

What can YOUR organization do with the money you save?


Homes Built


Families Fed


Children Learning to Read


Shelters Staffed


Outreach Programs


After School Programs

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